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Artwork Review

At Ink Tees, we want to ensure that your custom apparel experience is seamless and enjoyable. That’s why we perform a comprehensive artwork review for every order. Our goal is to identify any issues that could cause production delays and ensure your customized apparel meets the highest standards.

Common Design Adjustments

Our Design Team frequently encounters a few common errors during the artwork review process. These include:

  • Improper Sizing: Elements that are not sized correctly
  • Poor Positioning: Elements that are poorly placed, leading to an imbalanced design
  • Low Image Resolution: Poor image quality, which results in subpar prints

Learn more about the complimentary design adjustments we offer here

Proofs After Changes

In cases where significant changes are necessary, our Design Team will notify you and seek your approval. This usually happens when a major adjustment is required or for orders of 15 pieces or more.

For minor adjustments, we will proceed without sending a proof for approval.

Enhance your custom apparel with our meticulous artwork review and design adjustments today!

InkTees Artwork Review
InkTees Artwork Review
InkTees Artwork Review