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Direct to Garment

At Ink Tees, Fun Customization Meets Ah-Mazing Convenience

Pop the anniversary confetti and blow out the birthday candle, Ink Tees makes celebrating life’s unforgettable moments fun and hassle-free with digital custom t-shirt printing (also known as Direct-to-Garment or DTG).

  • Never get stuck with extra shirts you don’t need.
  • Don’t be limited to single-color designs.
  • No long wait for your custom shirt.

When you choose digital custom T-shirt printing, you are choosing FUN CUSTOMIZATION and AH-MAZING CONVENIENCE!

Hold Up, What's Direct-to-Garment Printing?

Over at the Ink Tees, we are all about CELEBRATING YOU, which is why we specialize in Direct-to-Garment or custom digital t-shirt printing to allow you to easily personalize your apparel with a design that’s uniquely your own. Direct-to-Garment Printing uses a high-tech inkjet printer to print digital designs and images directly onto a garment. The result? A full-color, high-resolution design that lasts longer. Now, how cool is that?


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How Does Custom Digital T-Shirt Printing Work?

Come See the Magic!

EXPLORE OUR COLOR WALL. Our Color Wall gives you an up close look at how digital printing looks and feels on different types of fabric and color choices. 

SHOP FROM OUR COLLECTION OF WELL-LOVED BRANDS. Design and order online, choosing Ink Tees allows you to personally get to choose the quality and fabric that absolutely fit your need.

Why Choose Custom Digital T-Shirt Printing?

1 TO 500 PRINTING. Need only 1 shirt? Custom digital T-shirt printing can get it done for you! While Direct-to-Garment printing can also be a great choice for volume printing, its unique edge over other types of decorating techniques — including screen printing — is its single-printing and small-batch capability, giving you the most flexibility in the number of shirts you can order. For the best value, be sure to ask us about volume discounts.

FULL-COLOR OPTION. Unlike screen printing which applies one color on a shirt at a time, DTG printing can easily print a rainbow of colors. This makes digital T-shirt printing a more affordable full-color option than screen printing.

24-HOUR TURNAROUND. Last-minute shirts? Digital printing can come to your rescue! The true power of Direct-to-Garment printing lies in its quick turnaround capability for in-stock apparel, giving you peace-of-mind that you’ll have your shirt in time for that special event.

HIGH-RESOLUTION PRINTING. Need to print your parent’s wedding photo on a shirt as a gift for their 50th wedding anniversary? DTG printing is your best bet for the job! One of digital t-shirt printing’s edge over screen printing is its capability to print in high detail.

DESIGN THAT LASTS. Because DTG prints directly on the garment, ink binds to the fiber, allowing the design to last longer as it becomes part of the fabric.

CLEAN & GREEN. Ink Tees is committed to being green. One of the cleanest ways to decorate custom shirts, direct-to-garment printing uses an environmentally friendly and non-toxic water-based ink. 

The DTG process involves printing directly onto apparel with ink that’s specially formulated for the fabric. The steps involved in the process are as follows:

Direct to Garment FAQ

In our experience, Direct to Garment is the best option in several circumstances. Smaller order sizes make it more cost-effective, while DTG excels when printing designs with many colors or complex images. For more information, check out our Help Center article: Screen Printing vs. Direct to Garment.

We recommend using 100% cotton with Direct to Garment Printing. Alternatively, blends with a high proportion of cotton can work well. Finally, we advise avoiding polyester fabrics.

Unfortunately, DTG printing can only be used with materials that have flat surfaces.

Our DTG-printed apparel can be produced and shipped quickly. With rush shipping, we can deliver custom-printed tees as quickly as 2 business days and 6 days using our, free standard shipping option.

No, custom-printed apparel has no minimum.

Best File Types for DTG Printing

Image quality is among the most important factors in generating high-quality, custom apparel with Direct to Garment Printing. Vector files are infinitely scaleable and produce the highest quality images among the two types of images. Therefore the file types that will produce the best results are: .svg, .eps, .ai, or .pdf.