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Content Standards

Custom Apparel Content Standards

At Ink Tees, we believe custom apparel serves as a powerful tool to unite groups and communities. We understand that while individuality and diverse perspectives are expressed through custom designs, it is essential to balance creative freedom with respect for public sentiment and potential negative impacts.

To achieve this balance, we adhere to specific content standards that guide what Ink Tees will print, may print with modifications, or will not print. These standards are encapsulated in our Stoplight Content System.

Red Light

Designs that will not be printed.

Yellow Light

Designs that may require modifications.

Green Light

Designs that will be printed.

If a design raises concerns, our team will work with you to create an alternative that meets our standards.

Stoplight Content Standards

Ink Tees’ Stoplight Content Standards use a color-coded system to clearly communicate our guidelines:

Red Light Designs

The following types of designs will not be printed by Ink Tees as they violate our content standards:

  • Intellectual Property Violations: Designs infringing on others’ intellectual property rights (refer to our intellectual property policy)
  • Illegal Activity: Designs constituting libel, fraud, or other illegal activities
  • Violence & Abuse: Designs encouraging violence or abuse against individuals or groups
  • Hate Speech: Designs featuring hate speech or promoting harassment
  • Hard Drugs: Designs promoting or encouraging the use of hard drugs
  • Explicit Sexual Content: Designs featuring explicit sexual content or non-artistic nudity
  • Underage Substance Use: Designs promoting underage drinking, smoking, or marijuana use 

Yellow Light Designs

Designs falling under the Yellow Light category may not be printed or may require changes. These include:

  • Defamatory Content: Designs containing defamatory statements
  • Public Harassment: Designs encouraging hate or harassment of public figures
  • Dehumanizing Content: Designs dehumanizing people or encouraging violence
  • Lewd or Vulgar Content: Designs featuring vulgar or lewd content
  • Suggestive Content: Sexually suggestive designs of an artistic, health, or medical nature
  • Violence: Designs focusing on violent events, terms, or images
  • Illegal Activity: Designs promoting or defending illegal activities or criminal acts
  • Inspiring Harm: Designs that may inspire harm or violence

Green Light Designs

Ink Tees will print designs that adhere to the following criteria:

Questions About Content Standards
& Printing?

If you have any questions about whether your design meets our content standards or how it might need to be adjusted, please reach out to one of our Project Specialists using:

By adhering to these content standards, we ensure that Ink Tees remains a platform where creativity thrives within respectful and responsible boundaries. Thank you for choosing Ink Tees for your custom apparel needs!