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Design Adjustments

Design Adjustments

Design Adjustments for Perfect Custom Apparel

At Ink Tees, we are dedicated to ensuring your custom apparel looks impeccable. Our range of free design adjustment services is
designed to enhance your designs and bring your vision to life. Here’s how we can help:

Image Quality Enhancement

High-quality images are crucial for excellent customized apparel. Our Design Team reviews each image for quality. If an image is of poor quality, we can replace it with a higher-quality version provided by you. In some instances, we can even enhance the image quality without needing a replacement However, extensive editing, adjustments, or re-creation might require an additional fee.

Expert Screen Printing Processes

Full Color on White Apparel (CMYK Process): Screen printing photorealistic images on light-colored items requires precision. Our production staff prints hundreds per month, ensuring flawless results for your order.

Full Color on Dark Apparel (Simulated Process): Printing on dark-colored items presents unique challenges. Our team excels in using the simulated process printing technique to achieve outstanding results.

Precise Placement

Accurate placement of graphic elements on garments is essential for a balanced appearance. Our team ensures that each graphic element is correctly positioned, making it look as intended.

Centering Your Design

To prevent an off-balance look, our team meticulously reviews your design to ensure proper centering. This step guarantees that your design maintains its visual appeal and symmetry.

Background Removal
for Clean Designs

We can remove the background from images to give your design a clean and professional look. This adjustment is perfect for achieving a polished finish.

Color Changes
and Adjustments

Color plays a vital role in custom apparel. We can adjust colors to match your vision or make necessary changes to enhance the overall design.

Print Size Adjustment for Proportionate Graphics

Keeping your graphic proportional across multiple garment sizes is key. We scale your graphic appropriately to ensure it looks great, regardless of the size.

Contrast Adjustment
for Readability

Text with insufficient contrast can be hard to read. Our Design Team can quickly adjust the contrast to ensure your text is easily understandable.

Convert Full Color to
Black and White

Transform a full-color image into a striking black and white design with minimal effort. This not only creates a unique look but may also save you money.

Clip Art

Enhance your designs with expert adjustments to Clip Art. Our team can help with: Coloring Clip Art, Inverting Clip Art, Masking Multiple Clip Art.

Contact Us for Design Help

Need assistance with your design? Our project specialists are available 7 days a week. Reach out to us via email at

Enhance your custom apparel with Ink Tees’ expert design adjustments.

Let’s bring your vision to life!

Design Adjustments