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Order Process

InkTees Order Process

Order Process at Ink Tees

At Ink Tees, we prioritize accuracy, quality, and speed to meet your expectations. Discover our efficient order process below:

5. Shipment

After production, each order undergoes a final inspection to ensure it meets our quality standards. Your order is then packaged, and a tracking number is obtained. Once shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information.

Experience the Ink Tees difference with our seamless order process designed for your satisfaction.

1. Order Submission

Your order process begins the moment you place it. 

2. Artwork Review

Our QA team reviews every new order to address basic design issues, such as image quality and design placement.

3. Design Proofs & Approval

For orders of 16 units or more, you can choose during checkout whether to receive a design proof or have it auto-approved. If you request a proof, we will send it to you via email for approval before production begins. Orders with fewer than 16 units and reorders are auto-approved unless you specify otherwise. 

4. Production

Once approved, your order enters the Ink Tees production queue. We prioritize orders based on the selected shipping option, with rush orders taking precedence.